19 October 2010

Pastor Benny Hinn talks about his divorce

Pastor Benny Hinn talks about his divorce

I truly feel that Pastor Hinn is pouring his heart out during this video. It takes a great deal of strength, courage, humbling of self to do what He did during this video. Sometimes people expect Christians to have a perfect life but we struggle, have issues, problems, situations, and circumstances that arise in our lives but we know and minister to others that even in the midst of all that we go through that our strength endurance zeal does not come from within us it comes from God.

 The enemy constanly looks for ways to put us down and make us want to throw in the towel. This could have been it for Pastor Hinn but Pastor Hinn is still pressing toward the mark imagine you being in His place would you quit ?  

Let's not bash but pray we all need it. not just for him but all television ministers they have a portal to reach people all over the world pray that they hear and see clearer than ever before and will minister only what"thus saith the Lord in Jesus name Amen.


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